Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And for Tuesday...

Today I just want to share  an inspiring text...

"You are always a messenger for someone. 
Your talent and inspiration are meant to be delivered and shared. 
Today, revive a project you've left sitting on the shelf. 
You never know whose life you can improve, or save, when you complete it."

So, think of your talents, your proyects and share them!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My girls on the wall!

Yessss, my favorite curly girlfriend asked me to paint her wall with my drawings!!
It was a very nice and fun proyect to do. She was planing on redecorating her room, one of the walls was covered with grass, yes!!! super cool huh?  and for the other one she chose me! I felt very flattered, she even had her cousins going to her house to see me painting!!

The girls are about 5' 7" (1.67 m) and look great!!

Besitos Chinita!


Friday, March 19, 2010

The Element of Freedom

So, the exhibition was last night. I had a wonderful time, many of my friends and very good friends were there, it was a great experience.
Thank you all for being there!

I also got invited to Alicia Keys concert. 
It was very fun. 
The concept of her songs and the lyrics are very deep...love, true and freedom. In fact the name of the album is  "The Element of Freedom"

It makes me think, have you think about it?....
What makes us be free or not...? 
 What is exactly the element of freedom?


Monday, March 15, 2010

The Art Of Fashion

Good Monday everyone!
Hope you are starting the week with a good day...
I've doing some errands for the exhibition I've been invited "The Art of Fashion" at Amnesia this Thursday
Only 4 days and counting down!

Here is the invitation and all the details!

RSVP to herbfox519@aol.com

Hope to see you all there!!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My first exhibition!

 So sorry for being so absence but I got a great new and be working on a new proyect:
I've been invited to exhibit my illustrations!!!
I'm so excited!! The event, called The Art of Fashion, will be hosted by club Amnesia on March 18th.
I will post more detail info in the next day and in the meanwhile I have this illustration for you all.

Have you have the weird feeling of being in the same place twice and yet beint two different places?
How about beeing in the subway on a monday at arround 8a.m, yes I know. Tons of people...
And how about at 2 a.m.
Two different experiences...Which one you like more?

Nite nite!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Alicia in Wonderland

Today it'ss officially Alicia in Wonderland premiere!!!
I am so eager to watch it!! I really enjoy Tim Burton's creations, he is a great inspiration to me and a genious...and by the way he has an incredible exhibition at MoMa until April.
Please if you have a chance go.  It is awesome.
Back to the drawing, this one  is about Alicia growing so much because of the mushrooms she ate. This time I tried markers and ink and really liked how it turned out!

Enjoy the movieeeeee


Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I must confess that I have another passion in addition to illustration....
YoGa!!!I started a year and a half ago and  I just looooove it...!

One of my very favorites teachers is leaving for San Francisco in a month. It's kind of sad we are not having him in the practice anymore, but life is about that: changes and our reaction to those changes...

Any way, I thought I could post this for him

JD were are so going to miss you!
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