Monday, December 27, 2010

After a very wild snow storm in the middle of a white NY I just wanted to wish you very happy holidays!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

In spanish we have a little proverb that says "al que madruga Dios lo ayuda", God helps who wakes up early...
Well, I woke up very early today in order to finish last minute errands and Christmas presents before tomorrow!!! I really really want to finish and needsome divine help to do it on time... so I decided to wake up early and here I am
This a very quick illustration I did the other day, simple but elegant...

How is your present shopping going? did you get every one on your list?
Simple thoughtful things are always a good way to show someone love, even a simple handcraft postcard...!

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Friday, December 17, 2010

yes it's Sasha Pivovarova...
and yes, i guess you already noticed, she is one of my favorite models...

and yes i love the colors!!!

Happy Friday =)

PS   Can't believe we are only one week away for Christmas eve!! 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I always look like a Christmas tree, I so many bags hanging on my shoulders and hands all day =). 
But today I was feeling more like a little witch... haha! I bought a broom (well yes I also do some cleaning here...) and felt so weird carrying it around while running some errands before coming to  the studio
any way, my hands officially felt the winter cold 'cause of course I was caring everything but my gloves, which remind me it was time for an illustration with a winter feeling and thought how lovely watercolor could it get done with the fur of this coat.... inspired in a pic of Tanya Dziahileva =)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

4th time is a charm

I guess it was passion and stubbornness (and little pride I guess) that made me not let go and give up,  but to keep trying (4 times to be exact) until the illustration was something I was satisfied with... And at the end, it was worth the extra time and effort  'cause I love it!

I like the way pencil and illustration work together, there is a nostalgic gray feeling that flips with the intensity and life of watercolor.

I hope you like it too!!!

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Friday, December 3, 2010


Early day
Started with spinning class. The teacher explained it was  a "active recovery" class, (mmmm the only word that sounded in my head was recovery!! nice slow class to finish the week) ahhaaa... it was all about sprinting!!!  Exhausting! Then yoga (finally! relaxing time) are you kidding me? It was all about holding  chair and warrior poses!! My thighs were about to collapse.
Go pick up my phone ASAP...forgot it at the restaurant last night :S
Studio... building a new table and putting up some frames and artwork
Break!  The new illustration I have been working on just not right... 3rd try, still don't like it.
Setting up Google Analysis in my count after knowing I made my 4th sale on my etsy store..guess my smile =)!!!!!!!!

And now almost ready to call it a day and go to the movies!!! =)
Any way I hope you like this one,  Daze&Confused mag cover for their October Issue... would love to collaborate with them one day.... soon soon =)

Don't forget to visit the store

Enjoy your w.e...
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