Monday, November 29, 2010

Little late with the Turkey

I know I am a little bit late with my thanks giving post, but a I had technical problems with the scanning and could do it until now!!

After a few days off with great company and excellent food I am glad to be back at the studio again.
When I go away for a couple of days I always like to slip in my suitcase  a piece of paper, my pencils and some inspiration images (my whole set of watercolor is a little more complicated to travel with) to draw during any time I could find to do it...
It never happens!!! hehe I always end up finishing it at the studio when I am back... and this time was not the exception =) 

Hope you also had great Thanksgiving dinner/weekend...!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Shopping Time

It is finally ready!!

The store is officially open and ready for you all to check it out =)

A very special season is coming and all the holidays with it.
I made a special illustration for this holiday season, I thought of having a beautiful print you can take out every year and compliment your Christmas deco!

It will be a LIMITED EDITION of 25 prints numbered and signed by me, and also availble as Christmas Card Pack. 

*There is a special gift for the first 30 customers =)

To purchase simply visit my store here:


Thursday, November 18, 2010


Black and white. 
I love the contrast. 
Even though I only drew face and arms, the contrast works in a way that our brain creates the rest of the shapes... it even may feel like seing the rest of the body...

One of my favorites photographers and great inspiration is Patrik Demarchelier. He is a master of light's subtleties, he enhances his model beauty and naturalness...
In the original photo Nicole Kidman laying down on a black surface with a beautiful lace dress.

I enjoyed very much while doing it and going back to ink and black felt pen...
I will be selling the original illustration in my Etsy store. Yes!!! It is going to be ready for this holidays!! So don't miss it!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Elle UK 25th Anniversary

Rainy day in NYC. Looking through my window, I see soft blurred buildings on the other side of the Hudson River in grayish tones.
Great day to watch a movie, drink lots of tea and make it a family day.
So...lets do it! =)

For their 25th anniversary edition, ELLE UK created five different covers.
I found the first one of the collection on the web and thought I would do an illustration to send it back to ELLE team... do you guess who is in the cover??

I have been practicing on portraits, to make the illustrations tell you who am I talking about... so any clue on this one?
Kate Hudson... =) could you tell?

I'll keep working on it!
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