Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Julia's Phone

The other day I ran into my friend Julia. She was holding in her hand a very big pink handset that look like it was for a grandma style phone...
I thought to my self, wow she really must like this handset to be carrying it around... And then the inevitable question...BUT where is the rest of the phone?

"It's for my IPhone silly!" she said...
I totally fell in love of it!

PS The exhibition went great!

Friday, June 17, 2011

sweet sensuality

This little girl was selected, among other pieces, to be part of  Skink Ink's first

Open Exhibition for Northside Open Studios

Yes!!! I am so excited, can't wait to see the rest of the pieces... the opening is tonight at 7pm, and the exhibition takes place until July 17th, so if you are around and/or want to take a look please come and stop by:

177 North 10th Street, Room G, Brooklyn NY 11211

About the illustration...
It is about sensuality. In my personal dictionary sensuality means to feel, feel and feel... feel who we are and expressing it to its fullest, to let out what we have on our inside, who we are, our motivations, feelings and thoughts... letting them free like flying birds... 

Hope you can come!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

me? stressed?

I guess sometime we are not even aware of the stress we bring to our lives and how easy to get rid of it...
The other day I stumble accross a little text giving me 50 ways to cope with stress... since then I decided to start trying them, specially the ones I am unfamiliar with, or never considerate....
They have been so much fun and helpful...
"Belive  in you" the most important for me... However my favorite so far is "avoid tight fitting clothes", SEROIUSLY ladies, it does make a big difference =)

So I decided share it with you all, and please please share it with whoever you want (or whoever needs it!!)... 
Here is my version of it.... with my favorite personal touch: watercolor =)

Have fun!
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Friday, June 10, 2011

french summer

I guess one of the things I like the most about summer are pick nicks...laying on the grass, wearing a big colorful hat, reading, sipping fresh juice, eating a Popsicle or just doing nothing...  
So when I saw this Sasha Pivovarova's editorial for French Vogue I just felt  closer to that moment...

and I decided to illustrate it... and then having MY own...of course ;)

enjoy your WE!

Monday, June 6, 2011

made in belgium

A couple of days ago I received a lovely thank you note from Chelsea, I gave her this illustration as a gift when I heard she loved it. I was thrilled to know she had it hanging in her office.

Even though I did it a while ago, it still feels so fresh and dynamic to me,  it inspired me to start a city collection. And Paris is the next one... will be posting it soon ;)
by the way have you seen Woody Allen's new film "Midnight in Paris"... you should! photography, music, costumes, cast and story... seriously! 

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Friday, June 3, 2011

it feels like ages

mmmm.... it feels like has been ages since my last post.
I could come with a really good, or not so good excuse explaining why I haven't been posting. The true is that I have been procrastinating it and not making it my priority ... oops.

But here I am and here is my make up post for you guys.
When I finish this girl it gave me a feeling of seeing a picture of my mother when she was a teenager, so I liked it even more... ;)

Happy Friday!!

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