Monday, February 28, 2011

loving macarons

My favorites ever....
and I'll tell you why...

perfect size... small bites, big flavor
colors... incredible, delicate pastel and so desirable
texture...crunchy meringe and soft ganache filling
health... well yes, they are made of almond paste... nutritionnnnn
presentation... are you kidding me? have you seen the delicate fancy and sophisticated little boxes they are packed in?
Good reason to go midtown and visit la maison du chocolat!!... and who knows, may be stopping at bergdorf goodman on the way =)
even better... good reason to go to Paris! The best ones are at La Durée...cravings are cravings =) =) =)

in one word Perfection

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

prabal gurung fall 2011

Prabal’s pieces speak softness, dreams, and romance... and the color palette, loving it.... in one word


that's what I felt looking at  Prabal Gurung fall 2011 collection... so I just let the brush talk for it self
...just a few strokes, just for the fun of it, something quick, strong and inspiring.

Monday, February 14, 2011

For Valentine's

February 14th, meaning:  Valentines!! And believe it or not my first year really celebrating it...Well...I am not getting flowers , I am not getting a box of chocolates and I am definitely not cooking gourmet dinner with heart shape raviolis and fondue&fruits for dessert...

NY style celebration, ordering in with a good bottle of wine... and my beautiful bf will have to be happy to have a mini homemade lemon tart for Valentines.
Cooking hasn't been one of my talents... but I decided to do an illustration for today and this is what I got.

Hope you like it!

PS I posted it big format in case you want to send it and wish your special someone Happy Valentine's!
So, please do so...!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fashion Week

The whole city getting prepared for it, officially starting today at 9am

Yesterday I was so impressed while reading about the millions generated each year by the 232,000 attendees at Fashion Weeks, for more than $466 million in direct visitor spending and contributing to $1.6 billion in annual tax revenue to the City’s fashion industry, according to Baiganchoka's blog.
And of course I wanted to do something for the big event, so I did this illustration of Natasha Poly, Lara Stone, Abbey Lee and Freja Beha Erichsen, they are 4 of the top favorite models from last fashion week.
I did it a little bit in a rush to have it ready for today and wasn't sure how it would turned out... and honestly I really liked it!
Hope you too!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MakeUp Tuesday

Well yes, this is pretty much how we ladies look like before going out looking gorgeous, I shouldn't include my self in the group... I almost never put on any make up... I am sooooo lazy for it!!

Lily Cole was so fun to draw, she has such a "poupé rousse" face. There's something about her that is so eye catching. The illustration comes from "The Glamour Issue" of British Vogue December 2007. Glamorous!

Vogue UK, December 2007
Photo: Ben Dunbar Brunton
Model: Lily Cole
Source and photo credit

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