Friday, October 8, 2010

The big ones!

Isn’t it true that glasses actually shape the way you are perceived?

Sunglasses can actually say a lot about your personality, and yet you can change style and have a complete different look.

Classic oval and rectangle shapes for the “serious business look” , they express more confidence and intellectuality
Aviator  for very relaxed and fashion aware personality
Or Carrera and the classic Ray-ban totally retro
Big geometric shapes with thick, colorful frames and of course OvErSiZed!!!  Love them!
And we could go on…

The cool thing is that you can easily change style!  Having a few, or a lot ;),  and have fun wearing them and update your look without buying a whole new wardrobe

I think they are the best accessory plus you can use them all year around

So next time you find a pair that you love don’t think it twice!!

Any way the inspiration for this illustration is a picture of Samantha Seyfried and I couldn't help but loving it, the innocent eyes hiding behind those glasses….I had to paint it!

...and Voilá!
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