Monday, March 21, 2011

deep in vogue

Happy Monday!!

Rainy day in NYC and the view is so romantinc from the appartment window... so me and my big cup of tea are going to stay in, listening to Amy Winehouse on Pandora, working at home before class.

This is a little illustration I made for Vera from Deep in Vogue. She has great talent for fashion... and she even makes her own designs!! I know how challenging it is to have a terrific idea of a garment you want to construct... making what you think is THE best pattern you have ever made, sit in in front of your sewing machine, work for a few days on the project and.... surprise!! not what you wanted... try again!! Over and over again. 
So I really admire her skills with the needles and fabrics.



  1. Thank you so much! And I know exactly what you are talking about. None of my designs happen the first time around, it's always a lot of trial and error. You just have to keep at it! I'm sending you a big kiss and a hug!

  2. Ohh!! I just saw in her blog... its so sweet draw!!! Im a fashion illustrator too! >;-D

    i would like know If I could get one draw of you and If its cost me money or not...etc!! I'll put on my personal blog and my artwork, of course!!
    I put on my blogroll jeje!
    "Clodet-Illustrations by Clau"



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