Friday, April 30, 2010

In the office...

This drawing is very special.
I made it for the office of a friend. She is directing a very nice and successful spa in the upper east side, Exhale, and thought she might like some company for her walls... ;) if you want to check their website just click here.

She really liked the movie AVATAR, I have another friend who says that she even runs like one of them, you know like very lightly and super fast!!! So this girl has special "avatar eyes". 

I hope you like it as I do!!!!

And guess what?? I also got a new artist studio!!! Yes yes yes!!! No more  storing things behind the bed or making a mess in the kitchen =)
I am officially decorating it now after a whole fieldtrip to Ikea with the help of my friends.... It would have been so hard with out them!! Thank you!!!
And then I'll post some photos when its ready.

Happy weekend!


  1. vero vero... llevo siguiendo tu blog algunos dias.
    y tratando de averiguar como estas, donde estas sin querer preguntar.
    asi me voy dando pistas :)

    se ve que estas feliz!
    y eso es lo importante!

    un abrazote!


  2. wera!!!!! esta pkm! se nota cañon como vas avanzando y como la practica hace a la maestra :D keep on practicing! xoxo


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