Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Special b.day

I made a little quick experiment today...  
I did this drawing about two weeks ago in pencil at work, wich by the way got  me in a little trouble with my boss!!! Of course!!! I mean drawing while working!!! I was very sorry. 

Any way I finished it by putting some color digitally. It's the first time I colored and illustration with Photoshop,  I prefere working with real paint and brushes... but I like how it turned out, plus, I didn't have to clean my regular mess when painting!! So check out  before and after...

It is also a very special day to me. 
It is one of the person's I love the most birthday!!!

My mother used to tell me that birthdays were very important to each of us because it is OUR OWN new year. The ending of cycle and the begining of another one and that we should spend and celebrate it the way we wanted to live the rest of the year...=)

Feliz cumpleanos guapo!!!!!

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